Welcome to the ErgoKneeler™….

A dynamic kneeling system that can provide comfort, support and ease of movement across a range of low working positions for people who undertake tasks at a low working height.

Invented by Chartered Physiotherapist and Moving and Handling Facilitator Linda Darwent, the ErgoKneeler™ provides an option for actively managing the postural and musculoskeletal issues of unavoidable low working.

We all know how awkward, uncomfortable and posturally challenging kneeling or squatting can be, especially if the position has to be statically maintained for more than a few minutes. Research now evidences that the issues are not only of discomfort, but that there is also a very real risk of associated musculoskeletal injury and cumulative damage from repetitive and prolonged low working.
For many people, unavoidable low working is an inherent part of their everyday work. I felt that there really was a pressing need for a piece of equipment designed to ease the forces that give rise musculoskeletal stressing; it should also improve spinal posture and most importantly – facilitate movement. A major aim was to eliminate static posture by making it possible for the user to change their position easily whilst staying on task. Unavoidable low working postures could then be actively managed to alleviate musculoskeletal stressing and improve comfort – a real difference for people.
Linda Darwent MCSP

Through collaborative working and invaluable support from Spectrum Healthcare (UK) Ltd, The Bioscience & Healthcare iNet, Medilink East Midlands and The Design Unit, De Montfort University, Leicester, Linda’s design ideas and the ergonomic principles behind those ideas were developed into today’s innovative ErgoKneeler™
Linda is a member of the National Back Exchange, the Yorkshire Back Exchange and is now a retired member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.
This website aims to:

  • raise awareness of the challenges to musculoskeletal comfort and health that can result from low height working
  • provide information about theErgoKneeler™.
  • support employers, organisations and frontline staff in their correct use of the product in accordance with the manufacturer’s Guidelines for Use, (Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998).

Please note . . . this web site does not enable sales. If you are interested in purchasing an ErgoKneeler™ or would like information regarding such, please visit Contacts on the menu bar